Welcome to Gators for Higher Education!

We are an organized group of University of Florida alumni, faculty, students, staff and friends who want to help communicate the University’s goals to Florida’s elected officials. Our mission is to be advocates for UF and make it the best it can be — a top-ranked U.S. University that educates Florida’s future leaders, drives the state’s economic development, produces breakthroughs in scientific research, and serves the people of our state.

Gators for Higher Education is a project of UF Government Relations in partnership with the UFAlumni Association.

You can help, too. Here’s how:

This Web site is designed to give you the information and tools you need to support your flagship University. We invite you to learn about our legislative agenda and how to get involved with your Representative and Senator. There are facts about UF that you may not know and information on how to most effectively present our case. And there are links to informative Web sites.

The role of Gators for Higher Education is particularly important in this time of severe budget cuts. We need the voices of the Gator Nation to sustain our University.

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Go Gators!